Flashpoint Professional Services

Tailored solutions to those organizations starting, rebuilding, or expanding an intelligence function

Flashpoint Professional Services (FPS) helps organizations reduce the challenges faced by overwhelmed or under-resourced business risk functions, and can accelerate growth in both capability and efficiency for new or expanding teams. The Professional Services portfolio is a natural complement to Flashpoint’s existing offerings. These services further align Flashpoint as a trusted partner to our customers and help to mature or increase an organization’s’ intelligence capabilities in order to glean greater value from Flashpoint Business Risk Intelligence (BRI).

Threat Response & Readiness Subscription:

A Threat Response & Readiness Subscription that helps companies prepare for, as well as quickly assess and respond to, a ransomware or cyber extortion attack. Flashpoint provides research to organizations impacted by attacks, as well as directly engages with threat actors; part of this engagement may also include providing access to cryptocurrency.


Insider Threat Program (ITP):

Assist organizations of all sizes in building or enhancing an effective Insider Threat Program (ITP) designed to detect, deter, and respond to insider threat events. FPS provides tailored services and solutions to assess, identify, proactively reduce risk, and/or support an ongoing insider threat incident or investigation.


Threat Exposure Reports (TER):

A comprehensive evaluation of an organization’s threat exposure based on client defined requirements, which identifies the overall industry threats, trends, and insights based on available intelligence.


Executive Exposure Reports (EERs):

An executive evaluation of risk exposure and threats on the DDW and open web. This report, comprised of open web and DDW intelligence, provides a narrative that identifies the areas of risk to executives and the business.


Impact-Based Response Services:

DDW-centric capabilities to organizations that may be facing an advanced cyber threat event. These capabilities include, but are not limited to, identification and procurement of sensitive data, acquisition of existing or emerging malicious tools, manuals, infrastructure, and ransomware payments.


Actor Profile Reports:

An evaluation of an actor or groups, specifically analyzing an actor or group’s activities, Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTP), and posting history within Flashpoint collections and datasets.


Enhanced Deep & Dark Web (DDW) Monitoring:

Pre- and post-event monitoring, based on customer requirements, which is critical for continuous assessment of reputation and legal obligations beyond the conclusion of an investigation or incident response. This includes proactive monitoring for proprietary knowledge, customer/client information, and threat actor or public sentiment that may impact an organization’s strategy.


Tactical Reporting:

Tactical Reports, delivered on a weekly cadence,provide an enhancement to our DDW Monitoring service or serve as a stand alone. This analysis includes sources outside of the DDW to provide a broader understanding of how threats are impacting an organization. Sources can be tuned based upon the customer’s specific objective.


Retainer Service:

Enables organizations with direct access to services including: Threat Exposure Reports, Executive Exposure Reports, Actor Profile Reports, Enhanced DDW Monitoring, and Tactical Reporting; based on an upfront service-level agreement (SLA).


Business Risk Intelligence Management (BRIM):

Helps organizations reduce the challenges of overwhelmed or under-resourced business risk functions and can accelerate growth in both capabilities and efficiency for new or expanding teams. This service provides flexibility for customers to ramp up to meet business demands and mitigate risk while leveraging the experience and expertise of FPS to support needful growth within their organization.

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“We’ve been a Flashpoint customer for a year, after we told our CISO that having its Business Risk Intelligence was a ‘must-have’ and not optional. As a newly formed threat intelligence team, Flashpoint gave us the visibility we needed to focus on what we needed to do, and how to better our own threat intel capabilities. New customer onboarding was also thorough and well-informed, and empowered us to get up and running very quickly.”

Network Security Engineer

Financial Services Institution