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Smart People,
Targeted Technology

Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) derived from the Deep & Dark Web requires the
right mix of people, data, and technology, to provide organizations with the
unique contextual intelligence they need to make more informed decisions.

Subject Matter Expertise
Years immersed in impenetrable online regions culminates in elite tradecraft


Proprietary Software
Our analysts’ keen insights drive targeted data acquisition at scale to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and relevancy

The Deep & Dark Web

Harboring illicit activities and critical data, these exclusive online regions are inaccessible without advanced technologies and specialized expertise

Stored, Structured, and Sanitized
Safely access historical and near real-time data from dangerous venues across the Deep & Dark Web in one structured platform

Stored & Structured


Our analysts’ most critical findings, hand-picked, prioritized, and packaged in intra-daily reports



Comprehensive monitoring and relevant reporting tailored to your needs




Directly access our analyst team for customized threat investigations



Tools to access and perform research on Deep & Dark Web data in order to discover valuable insights


Global Coverage

Innovating the risk landscape
Our analysts scour the Deep & Dark Web at scale to pinpoint current and emerging cyber and physical threats so organizations can effectively deploy security measures to mitigate risk.
Our people are paramount
Flashpoint’s multilingual intelligence analysts have been mapping uncharted regions of the internet for over a decade. Their intimate familiarity with the Deep & Dark Web affords exclusive access to these impenetrable communities.
Competencies Include:



Business Risk Intelligence (BRI)

Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) broadens the scope of intelligence beyond threat detection in the cyber domain to provide relevant context to business units not traditionally afforded the benefits of intelligence from the Deep & Dark Web. By informing decision-making and improving preparation, BRI mitigates risk across the enterprise.

BRI can not only bolster cybersecurity but also confront fraud, detect insider threats, enhance physical security, assess M&A opportunities, and address vendor risk and supply chain integrity. The results are better decisions that protect a company’s ability to operate.


We Know
Business Risk

Uncover the missing insightsUse BRI to elevate your intelligence vantage point to illuminate risk blind spots. Learn how our analysts’ keen insights and Deep & Dark Web discoveries are empowering organizations to make informed decisions.

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May 23, 2017 Flashpoint Intelligence Platform

Make Better, More Informed Decisions

May 11, 2017 Business Risk Intelligence for Fraud

How Flashpoint's Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) Helps Combat Fraud

May 3, 2017 Cybercriminal Interest In Gift Cards

Emerging Fraud Trend Emphasizes Critical Need to Address Security of Gift Cards

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May 25, 2017Linguistic Analysis of WannaCry Ransomware Messages Suggests Chinese-Speaking AuthorsSince the May 12, 2017, “WannaCry” ransomware worm attack, researchers have struggled with the question of attribution. As of this writing, a number of researchers have linked the activity to the suspected North Korean-affiliated “Lazarus Group” due to similarities in the code and the infrastructure. Flashpoint analysts conducted similar analyses, but also included a linguistic […]Read more
May 24, 2017Flashpoint Intelligence Platform: The Foundation of Business Risk IntelligenceIn 2010, having cut our teeth as intelligence analysts, Evan Kohlmann and I were looking at all the solutions available on the market for understanding threat and risk on the Internet. The products we saw were focused on the open web and social networks and fell short for us in that they didn’t offer what […]Read more
May 19, 2017Brazilian Fraudsters Create Device to Punch Out EMV ChipsThe physical compromise of ATMs has long been considered a “tried and true” scheme among many fraudsters — and rightfully so. Not only do these schemes remain very common in many parts of the world, they continue to demonstrate that when it comes to crime, sophistication doesn’t always trump creativity. Indeed, a group of criminals […]Read more


June 1, 2017 - Speaking Engagements
Fordham University Panel: The Future of Cybersecurity - 6:00 - 8:00 PM EDTThe Fordham Center for Cybersecurity and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences present “The Future of Cybersecurity”, a panel discussion and reception to celebrate the launch of the Fordham Center for Cybersecurity. Featuring Flashpoint Chief Scientist Lance James. Register via the link below. Read more
June 6, 2017 - Speaking Engagements
Anomali Cyber Threat Day SeattleAnomali is hosting a complimentary Seattle-based educational seminar focused on cyber threat intelligence. Join Flashpoint and other Industry-leading threat intelligence providers for briefings on today’s adversaries and their attack techniques.Read more
June 22, 2017 - Flashpoint events
Analyst Road Show: Chicago - 6:00 - 8:00 PM CDTJoin us for an exclusive Analyst Briefing & three-course dinner at SEPIA restaurant in Chicago, featuring Flashpoint Director of Research Roman Sannikov. Roman will discuss how threat actors are carrying out fraud schemes such as stock manipulation, pump and dump tactics, cyber espionage and extortion on the Deep & Dark Web. RSVP via the link below. Read more