Flashpoint Partnership Programs

Flashpoint provides business units and functions across organizations with a decision advantage over threats and adversaries. Our extensible API provides immediate benefit to members of our Strategic Partner Network (SPN) by enabling them to create custom integrations for their platforms, thereby enriching analysis for their customers. Our sophisticated Global Channel Program (GCP) allows our reseller and distribution partners to extend the benefits of BRI to more organizations worldwide.

Integrate Using the
Flashpoint API

Flashpoint API grants access to our finished intelligence and uniquely sourced data from threat-actor communities. Make better decisions about risk, including cybercrime, fraudulent activities, physical and cyber threats.
Finished Intelligence
Access to analytical reports produced by our subject matter experts.
Access to signal-rich discussions from illicit threat-actor communities. Supplement internal data with targeted data from highly curated sources.
Risk Intelligence Observables
A high-fidelity feed of cyber observables. RIOs integrate with security operations to enrich user data with additional context.

Strategic Partner Network

The Anomali and Flashpoint solution uses insights and observables from the DDW to reduce the noise of false positives from outdated, irrelevant data in minutes. What’s left is true insight in the form of pre-built rules, reports, and dashboards that users can immediately apply and manage within their security operations.
Flashpoint transforms provide Maltego users the ability to search the DDW for data pertaining to their intelligence missions; allowing for insights, attribution, and support for cybercrime investigations from the DDW. Flashpoint intelligence supports the identification of connections, bridging the intelligence gap, and discovering previously unknown threats.
The RiskIQ Digital Threat Management platform analyzes open source and DDW datasets, enabling alerting on the organization’s web, mobile, and social assets. This helps proactively defend the organization and customers from emerging threats and reduces overall risk exposure.
The Flashpoint & Silobreaker integration allows users to collect, analyze, and monitor data from both the surface web and the Deep & Dark Web in a single platform. Using the visibility this provides, organizations can reduce business risk and gather the actionable intelligence they need to protect themselves from threats. The correlation of Flashpoint’s data with Silobreaker’s surface web sources, brings additional context to the trends and threats that are discussed and planned on the DDW.
The ThreatConnect Platform provides a central place for users to see all their team’s data, analyze that data, and integrate all of their security tools. This solution leverages data from the DDW safely to supplement investigations with targeted data from highly curated sources, making it available in a single platform. It provides organizations with a strategic advantage when analyzing its data, and amplifies the powers of their security infrastructure.
This joint solution delivers an extensible threat intelligence platform which pulls insights from the DDW to provide defenders the context, customization, and collaboration needed for increased security effectiveness and efficient threat operations and management. It unites an organization’s security solutions and accelerates the transformation of threat data from the DDW into actionable threat intelligence by giving defenders unmatched control.

Global Channel