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Pro-ISIS Jihadists Dabble in Encryption, Prove Under-Sophisticated

Jihadi actors have been experimenting with encrypted communication technologies since as early as 2008. Through the development of proprietary encrypted communication tools and the growing adoption of various cyber technologies, these actors have demonstrated an increased interest in obfuscating their digital fingerprints. This interest is underscored through discussions on top jihadi web forums, where members […]

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“thedarkoverlord” Targets Finance in Next Wave of Extortion Attacks

Key Findings  On September 25, 2016, “thedarkoverlord,” a notorious threat actor behind the recent extortion attempts of several healthcare organizations, gained access to highly-sensitive information from WestPark Capital investment firm. The CEO of WestPark Capital refused the actor’s blackmail demands, and as a result, partial information was released to the public by thedarkoverlord Flashpoint identified […]

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Anatomy of Locky and Zepto Ransomware

The criminals behind the notorious Locky and Zepto ransomware spam campaigns continue to shift tactics in an effort to circumvent anti-virus detection. Recently, the cybercriminal syndicate has been leveraging obfuscated Windows Script Files (.wsf) and HTML Applications (.hta) inside a zip archive. Such files allow JScript, VBScript, and other scripting languages to execute. By using […]

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Team Member Profile: Leroy Terrelonge III

By FP_Analyst
September 21, 2016

Leroy Terrelonge III, Director of Middle East and Africa Research Leroy’s passion for international business risk consulting has driven him to specialize in cyber risks at Flashpoint, where he heads intelligence collection for Iran, Francophone countries, Spain, and Latin America. Prior to Flashpoint, Leroy worked as an international investment risk consultant for a New York-based firm […]

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Turkish Organizations Exploited in Terror Finance Scheme

September 20, 2016

New evidence supports allegations that jihadists are exploiting Turkish organizations to launder donations to armed groups involved in the Syrian civil war. While closely studying a network of websites that operate as an online portal for Turkic Islamist rebel groups, Flashpoint analysts noted a recent article from a Turkic jihadist publication about a first-hand visit […]

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Attack of Things!

By FP_Analyst
September 17, 2016

This post was written in collaboration with Level 3 Threat Research Labs and was originally published to Beyond Bandwidth on August 25, 2016. The rush to connect everything to the internet is leaving millions of everyday products vulnerable and ripe for abuse. We’ve seen internet connectivity added to appliances, athletic clothing, pill bottles and even forks. Security, […]

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Why Flashpoint?

June 27, 2016

We’ve all been offered job-hunting advice. And as the co-founder of a thriving cybersecurity talent community, I’ve probably heard more than most. One good piece of advice that I can vouch for is “Look to work for companies you admire.” It’s one reason why I recently accepted the role as Chief Strategy Officer at Flashpoint. […]

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