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Business Risk Intelligence Knowledge and Training

Using BRI principles delivered through FIA training, security teams better understand threats, prioritize responses, make more informed decisions, and become a critical resource for developing and driving risk intelligence application across the business.

FIA courses are designed to focus on teaching BRI as a methodology to serve as the unifying line of communication throughout the organization. The curriculum focuses on educating users about BRI in order to view threat events not as isolated incidents, but rather as opportunities to leverage intelligence across the enterprise to more effectively reduce or mitigate risk. The FIA curriculum is offered at three levels: Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced. There are varying formats that align with the level of training delivered.

Foundational Seminars: FIA seminars provide the foundational framework to the BRI practice. Seminars are intended to give individuals strategic insights to deal with risks and threats across their organization. Seminars run one-to-two hours. FIA offers two seminar topics:

  • Introduction to Business Risk Intelligence: In this seminar, Flashpoint introduces the BRI framework and methodology for applying intelligence-informed risk-based decision-making across business and security applications. The model is derived from long-standing practices within the intelligence community tailored by Flashpoint for commercial needs.

  • Decrypting Ransomware – Illuminating the Threat: This seminar covers all aspects of a ransomware campaign and the situations organizations must consider in order to successfully respond.

Intermediate Workshops: FIA workshop sessions are designed to be interactive and participants will be fully involved in the learning process, including group discussions and practical application exercises. Workshops can be designed as a full- or multi-day event.

  • Business Risk Intelligence Workshop: During this workshop, Flashpoint showcases the Business Risk Intelligence framework and methodology for applying intelligence-informed risk-based decision-making across business and security applications. These workshops can be beneficial for teams including cyber intelligence, fraud, physical security, and insider threat.

Advanced: Tabletop Exercises (TTX) Based around a specific topic or event, FIA Tabletop Exercises are scoped and designed directly with the participants in order to create highly relevant, real-world scenarios in preparation for incidents in which the organization could fall victim.

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“Discovering how to apply different intelligence capabilities beyond cyber security was great. Flashpoint presented ideas to make BRI work for us in a manner that makes sense in our environment. We really appreciate the relaxed delivery FIA offered versus the declarative approach most workshops/training we have been through.”

Risk Manager
Global 500 Healthcare Organization

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