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Business Risk Intelligence Knowledge and Training
Flashpoint Intelligence Academy (FIA) provides customers with quality Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) education and trains organizations how to reduce their overall risk exposure. Using the BRI principles taught in these workshops, organizations can better understand the threats they may face, prioritize their responses, make more informed decisions, and become a source for developing and driving risk intelligence application across the business.
FIA workshops are designed to focus on teaching BRI as a methodology that can serve as the unifying line of communication throughout the organization. The workshops focus on educating users about BRI in a way that helps them stop looking at threat events as isolated incidents, and teaches them to leverage intelligence across the enterprise to better reduce, or even mitigate, risk. This education can empower security operations, cyber threat intelligence, data loss prevention, anti-money laundering teams, or even integrated technology partners. Workshops are delivered at three levels:
This one-day session is ideal for customers with little or no intelligence background or who would like to better understand how the intelligence lifecycle and the BRI methodology is applied in the private sector environment.
This two- to three-day session is designed to help teams who are building out a new intelligence function or wish to improve their information sharing across teams.
Ideal for teams that have more mature intelligence functions but want to hone their intelligence processes and develop methods to demonstrate the most value for their work to the business.

• Increase the security function’s positive impact and recognition across the business
• Share with stakeholders across the business the techniques to define near term and long term intelligence and outcome requirements to support business decisions
• Conduct self-assessments for how well your organization leverages BRI today
• Learn how to establish a plan for BRI improvements that is impactful and measurable
• Share knowledge of how to properly drive and utilize risk intelligence laterally across your organization
• Learn proven strategies and methods to establish and drive intelligence-based communication for risk-based decision makers

Focus Area Examples
Physical Security
This workshop is designed to help information security teams work with corporate security teams to mitigate physical risks. Teams learn how to leverage human-driven intelligence from the Deep & Dark Web in order to make more intelligent, incident-response and investigative decisions.
Insider Threat
Using the BRI methodology as a baseline, this workshop demonstrates how various risk and security groups within a business can work together to not only improve the efficacy of incident response to potential insider incidents but also give their organization a better understanding of its actual residual risk.

“Discovering how to apply different intelligence capabilities beyond cyber security was great. Flashpoint presented ideas to make BRI work for us in a manner that makes sense in our environment. We really appreciate the relaxed delivery FIA offered versus the declarative approach most workshops/training we have been through.”

Risk Manager

Global 500 Healthcare Organization

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