Collective Intelligence Podcast, Vitali Kremez on Magecart

November 19, 2018
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Magecart, an umbrella term for a collective of seven cybercrime groups, has established itself as one of the top threats on the internet to e-commerce. The group is responsible for a number of high-profile breaches and distinguishes itself not only through its victim targeting, but also by the use of sophisticated digital skimmers that it manages to infect sites with in order to steal payment card information.

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In this episode of the Collective Intelligence podcast, Flashpoint Director of Research Vitali Kremez and Editorial Director Mike Mimoso discuss the group’s activities and the recent release of an extensive research paper published by Flashpoint and its partner Risk IQ called “Inside Magecart.”

Download the joint Flashpoint-Risk IQ research paper “Inside Magecart” here

The report details an extensive history of the group’s activities and capabilities, and also provides users with indicators of compromise to support threat detection and mitigation efforts.

Throughout the podcast, Vitali and Mike discuss what distinguishes the seven groups from each other, how victims are targeted and compromised, and what can be done by site owners and researchers to hold this threat at bay going forward. Vitali also explains why it’s crucial to track the activities of these types of threat actors on the Deep & Dark Web, and finally, he explains the importance of collaboration and data sharing between security researchers.  

The Collective Intelligence Podcast, presented by Flashpoint and hosted by Editorial Director Mike Mimoso, features regular interviews with a diverse set of industry experts and Flashpoint analysts on the latest information security news and industry trends.