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Collective Intelligence Podcast, Ken Modeste on IoT and Public Safety

September 5, 2018

    Get a direct download of this podcast here As connected devices and embedded computers edge closer toward critical consumer services such as medical devices and automobiles, cybersecurity in the context of public safety cannot be ignored. Manufacturers filling devices with market-friendly features must consider the consequences of subpar cybersecurity and how it can […]

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Collective Intelligence Podcast, Matt Wixey on Social Engineering

August 27, 2018

    Social engineering is the gateway to many penetrations of businesses and government agencies. And no matter how much awareness training is available, and how much time and money is spent warning users and managers against scams, social engineering works. In this episode of the Collective Intelligence Podcast, Matt Wixey of PwC talks about […]

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Collective Intelligence Podcast, Billy Rios on Medical Device Security

August 20, 2018

      Implantable cardiac devices and insulin delivery systems were on the front lines of critical medical device security research during the recent Black Hat security conference. Researcher Billy Rios of WhiteScope LLC and his collaborator Jonathan Butts delivered a talk outlining exploitable vulnerabilities in these medical devices, and the challenges associated with manufacturer […]

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Collective Intelligence Podcast, Cisco Talos on VPNFilter Malware Attacks

June 4, 2018

More than a half-million connected devices—mainly routers and network-attached storage boxes—were infected by malware known as VPNFilter. The VPNFilter malware attack is a state-sponsored operation disclosed last month by researchers at Cisco Talos. VPNFilter is a multistage malware linked to a Russian-speaking advanced persistent threat group, and it lays the groundwork for future espionage activity and […]

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