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Flashpoint Intelligence Platform: The Foundation of Business Risk Intelligence

Josh Lefkowitz

In 2010, having cut our teeth as intelligence analysts, Evan Kohlmann and I were looking at all the solutions available on the market for understanding threat and risk on the Internet. The products we saw were focused on the open web and social networks and fell short for us in that they didn’t offer what we really needed: persistent, scaled visibility into the corners of the Internet where threatening actors really congregated — the Deep & Dark Web.

But there was no product or solution that targeted collection from the Deep & Dark Web because of how difficult it was. Evan and I understood that you needed subject matter experts working closely with engineers to build sophisticated automatic tooling to maintain persistent collection of the most important data in the Deep & Dark Web. More than that, we also realized that other solutions weren’t delivering meaningful intelligence for analysts like us because they didn’t think about interpreting the data from our perspective.

With this realization, Evan and I set about to build the platform we always wanted.

Over the July 4th weekend in 2010, Evan and I began developing the kernels of this platform, iterating in a flurry of activity. By the end of the long weekend, we had produced our first tool which we designed to our standard of “What would actually be valuable for someone like me and help me make a difference?”

Our motivation to help answer hard questions and deliver real value to analysts is what has driven Flashpoint’s growth. We listen to and understand our customers and the various use cases our data and intelligence can support, because they’re the same use cases we faced. We worked to create a solution that would give expert analysts and non-expert users alike tools to empower them to find the most relevant information in the most accurate and fastest ways possible.

All this effort culminated in the development of our Flashpoint Intelligence Platform — a Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) platform, really — and we are proud to introduce its newest version today.

Flashpoint Intelligence Platform 3.0

Flashpoint Intelligence Platform 3.0

From its inception, the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform has been something where we’ve asked, “What information do organizations need to see and know about?“

The platform grants access to our expansive archive of intelligence reports and Deep & Dark Web data in a single, finished intelligence experience. Whether you are an intel expert or new to assessing risk, our platform delivers relevant intelligence that empowers you to make more informed decisions and to mitigate risk in any part of your organization. New features such as a customizable BRI dashboard, intelligence-to-data pivoting, and tagging and content classification, further empower our users more than ever before.

The Flashpoint Intelligence Platform is the result of years of work — from our founders and earliest employees to everyone on the team today. We’re extremely proud of that work, and if you’re interested we’d love to tell you more. Read the press release or schedule a meeting with us to learn more.

About the author: Josh Lefkowitz

Josh Lefkowitz

Josh Lefkowitz is the Chief Executive Officer of Flashpoint, where he executes the company's strategic vision to empower organizations with Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) derived from the Deep & Dark Web. He has worked extensively with authorities to track and analyze terrorist groups. Mr. Lefkowitz also served as a consultant to the FBI's senior management team and worked for a top tier, global investment bank. Mr. Lefkowitz holds an MBA from Harvard University and a BA from Williams College.