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Flashpoint at Les Assises de la sécurité 2017

Flashpoint at Les Assises

As Director of Intelligence and Operations at Flashpoint, I leverage language, cultural and technical skills to engage with threat actors on the Deep & Dark Web. As I continue to enhance my research and hone my craft, I am continuously searching for ways in which I can expand upon my capabilities, and provide organizations with relevant intelligence that can help them mitigate risk and protect key business assets and stakeholders.

One such resource I’ve found invaluable in my development is attending events and collaborating with others in the industry. At Flashpoint, high value is placed on the critical need for information sharing and industry collaboration.

Next week, a few of my colleagues and I will travel to Monaco to attend the 17th edition of Les Assises de la sécurité et des systèmes d’information. One of Europe’s most distinguished security conferences, Les Assises will host more than 2,500 cybersecurity experts from both the public and private sectors at the Grimaldi Forum, October 11 – 14, 2017.

On Thursday, October 12, I have the privilege to lead a business risk workshop titled, Incident Response Using Intelligence from the Deep & Dark Web. During the presentation, I will pose the following question to attendees: “You – a Fortune 100 company – have become aware that a reputable threat actor on the Deep & Dark Web is selling sensitive information for over a million of your top customers. What do you do?”

The Deep & Dark Web (DDW) is a rich source of data full of black market products and services, weapons and training manuals, malicious tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs), and dialogue between threat actors. Threatening activity from high-risk, difficult-to-access areas of the Deep & Dark Web can harm an organization’s business, stakeholders, employees, and customers.

The workshop, which I will deliver in French, will demonstrate how a breached company can leverage language and cultural skills, technological solutions, and coordination with law enforcement to contain a threat, mitigate the damage, and provide initial attribution for further investigation of the cybercriminals involved. It will also provide use-case examples to illustrate how organizations can use Deep & Dark Web intelligence to mitigate risk.

French Translation:

L’utilisation du Renseignement issu du Deep & Dark

Vous êtes une grande entreprise qui opère sur les cinq continents. On vous informe qu’un groupe de pirates très efficace et actif vend sur le deep et dark web des informations sensibles sur vos clients et sur l’un de vos projets stratégiques.

Que faites-vous ? Cet atelier vous fera découvrir pourquoi maîtriser les technologies et connaitre d’autres cultures et langues vous aide à protéger votre entreprise, vos employés et vos clients.

Nous illustrerons par des exemples comment réduire vos risques au quotidien en utilisant des informations du deep et dark web collectées puis qualifiées par des humains.

In addition to my talk, Flashpoint will sponsor the conference’s opening cocktail reception and dinner on Wednesday night at the Méridien Beach Plaza. For those who will be in attendance, there will be plenty of food and drinks, and it would be great to speak with you, collaborate, and share our experiences in the industry.

We will also have a booth (#130) on the Grimaldi Forum show floor to educate attendees on Business Risk Intelligence (BRI), the Deep & Dark Web, and how organizations can leverage our sophisticated technology and subject matter expertise to gain a decision advantage over threats and adversaries.

More information on the 17th edition of Les Assises de la sécurité can be accessed here.

For live updates on Flashpoint at Les Assises, please follow us on Twitter (@FlashpointIntel), and Facebook (@FlashpointIntel).


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