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Why Flashpoint?


We’ve all been offered job-hunting advice. And as the co-founder of a thriving cybersecurity talent community, I’ve probably heard more than most. One good piece of advice that I can vouch for is “Look to work for companies you admire.” It’s one reason why I recently accepted the role as Chief Strategy Officer at Flashpoint.

Inside Out and Outside In

As one of Flashpoint’s first customers, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them grow over the years. From the start they approached me as a partner rather than just another customer, interested in collaborating on everything from budgeting to assessing which data and services were most useful to my company.

My previous position at one of the largest financial institutions in the world exposed me to countless vendors, so I thoroughly appreciated Flashpoint’s unique enterprise solution. It wasn’t your typical IP’s and indicators, but rather it addressed how real world problems impact day-to-day business.

And admittedly, I’ve watched over the years as incredible talent has slowly made its way to Flashpoint. As CEO of NinjaJobs, a highly vetted cybersecurity jobs portal helping good talent find the best jobs, I know our community will attest to the fact that good talent attracts more talent — especially at solid companies with great leadership.

Since I’ve admired Flashpoint from the outside looking in, the chance to see Flashpoint from the inside out was too big an opportunity to ignore.

No “Dark Side”

Unsurprisingly, I’ve had colleagues and friends lining up to remind me that I have joined the “Dark Side”. Although it’s true that I’ve crossed over to the other side of the desk, I see it as a unique opportunity to help my counterparts in other industries and sectors, learning more about their day-to-day business⎯away from finance⎯and about how a company like Flashpoint can help them. There’s no dark side here, as Flashpoint’s data and intelligence uniquely empower companies to discover and monitor previously concealed illicit activity and take informed, proactive steps to defend against threats.

Part of my role as Chief Strategy Officer will be to work with Flashpoint’s talented staff to build out our Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) market offering. Once again partnering with customers, we plan to go beyond today’s typical cybersecurity solutions and collaborate with enterprises in areas such as supply chain, fraud, risk management, insider threat surveillance and third party risk.

Personally, it gives me a chance to grow as well. I’ll be expanding my knowledge into additional business growth areas of a cybersecurity startup, such as marketing, sales, funding, strategy, B2B partnerships, and now building a brand new regional office in Northern Virginia.

Want it Done, Ask a Busy Person

Wearing multiple hats isn’t unique in information security. So, in addition to my new role at Flashpoint, I will continue to grow and build NinjaJobs supported by great partners and a rock star operational team led by Drew Fearson. We continue to sign up and work with many large enterprises, and are actively figuring out ways to find and develop new, up-and-coming cyber talent for the future of our industry.

Ultimately, there are many synergies between Flashpoint and NinjaJobs. I get to talk to enterprises who are all experiencing similar challenges with building effective, sustainable security programs to manage their business risk. Whether finding team members and building teams, or managing risk broadly through advanced Business Risk Intelligence, I’m excited to be working for companies I admire in a field that energizes me.

Want to see what gets me up in the morning? Check out Flashpoint at or register on NinjaJobs via this invite link at

About the author: Chris Camacho

Chris Camacho partners with Flashpoint's executive team to develop, communicate, and execute strategic initiatives. With over 15 years of cybersecurity leadership experience, he has led initiatives across Operational Strategy, Incident Response, Threat Management, and Security Operations to ensure cyber risk postures align with business goals. An entrepreneur, Mr. Camacho also serves as CEO for NinjaJobs, a career-matching community for elite cybersecurity talent. He has a BS in Decision Sciences & Management of Information Systems from George Mason University.