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Business Risk Intelligence Decision Report: 2018 Mid-Year Update

June 20, 2018

Political and social instability in the world is spilling over into businesses, which more than ever must contend not only with hackers targeting valuable corporate data, but also how geopolitical conflicts will affect the reliability of digital networks supporting commerce, how policy is formulated and enforced, and how investments are executed. The relatively quiet first […]

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Compliance is a Minimum Security Standard, Not an End Goal

May 31, 2018

New laws and industry standards such as GDPR force affected organizations into an upheaval in order to meet the rigor of the new mandate. This compliance often means budget overhauls and rewritten policies and processes. And while there are benefits to the increased attention to and investment in data protection, this emphasis can also lead […]

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Reality Check: Real-Time Intelligence

May 24, 2018

The lofty goal of real-time intelligence in security is often misleading. In the context of Business Risk Intelligence (BRI), it’s an especially deceptive misnomer. Data culled from breaches or Deep & Dark Web (DDW) chatter about vulnerabilities that is crafted into threat intelligence is meant to give decision makers inside the enterprise an advantage over […]

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From Decision Advantage to Market Advantage: BRI Holds Strong in 2018

April 11, 2018

As a co-founder and CEO, I am both incredibly excited and humbled to review the company’s successes at the end of each quarter. I credit our continued success—our ninth consecutive quarter exceeding our bookings target—to our extremely talented team delivering products that empower our customers with a decision advantage in navigating complex problems relevant to their […]

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Business Risk Profile: Hospitality

March 20, 2018

From restaurants and nightlife venues to hotels and tourist attractions, hospitality companies play a crucial role in economies worldwide while providing space for leisure activities, entertainment, socialization, and travel. The hospitality industry has been around for more than a thousand years, continually adapting to societal and technological development. In the past 20 years, hotels, for […]

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Bringing Business Risk Intelligence to Asia-Pacific

By Flashpoint Analyst Team
March 19, 2018

Home to key innovators in industries such as technology, oil and gas, manufacturing, retail, and financial services, Asia-Pacific provides an opportunity for prosperity and commerce. Unfortunately due to this success, malicious actors often seek to exploit organizations in this region. The threat landscape in Asia is shifting as markets and business practices evolve. Flashpoint analysts […]

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Insider Threat: Focusing From The Inside Out

February 20, 2018

Many companies tend to concentrate their security resources on preventing external threats from penetrating their business and compromising assets. While threats posed by outsiders such as cybercriminals, hacktivists, state-sponsored actors, and terrorists are often perceived as the most urgent and critical, insider threats can be equally—if not more—damaging. This is why the most effective security […]

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Tax Season is Prime Time for Business Email Compromise

February 15, 2018

Business Email Compromise (BEC) is somewhere north of a $5 billion annual global criminal enterprise, according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), dwarfing most other threats in terms of dollar losses, including ransomware and prolific banking malware such as GameOver Zeus. And right now, we’re in one of the criminals’ most lucrative periods […]

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Inside a Twitter ‘Pornbot’ Campaign

February 12, 2018

Flashpoint analysts recently investigated the trend of adult entertainment-themed Twitter bots known as pornbots, which post tweets with hashtags containing popular brand names alongside random, unrelated terms. The observed set of pornbots appears to be a mix of compromised accounts and accounts specifically created to advertise pornography. As such, organizations mentioned in these bots’ pornographic […]

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