Attackers & Methodologies Targeting the Financial Industry

October 10, 2018

The heavily regulated financial industry has long been considered a bleeding-edge investor in security technology and a forerunner in the area of policy, all with the goal of protecting customers’ money from determined hackers. Unfortunately, financial services institutions are not immune from the decades-long cat-and-mouse game with threat actors.

Attackers have the luxury of not having to adhere to regulations, laws, and industry standards, and are free to pivot as they see fit in order to turn a profit. Financial services, meanwhile, is almost forced to be in a perpetual reactive state when it comes to defense, in particular against emerging threats.

In the past two years, the financial and credit sectors have been saturated with attacks from a growing roster of cybercriminal and state-sponsored elements targeting banks with a holster full of known and unknown vulnerabilities and exploits.

Our newest research paper, Attackers and Methodologies Targeting the Financial Industry, aims to equip financial services institutions with a deeper understanding of, and corresponding mitigations for, the threats and challenges they face from cybercriminals and advanced persistent threat actors, including:

  • Advanced persistent threats
  • Banking malware
  • Ransomware
  • Insider threat
  • Business email compromise


For the full Flashpoint analysis, download the report.

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