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The Top 10 Reasons Why Companies Fail at Deep & Dark Web Intelligence

Webinar: The Top 10 Reasons Why Companies Fail at Deep & Dark Web Intelligence

2015-2016 Highlights

2015-2016 Highlights & Trends in the Deep & Dark Web

Sanitized Data from Hostile Frontiers

We are pioneers in monitoring threatening communities active in the areas of the internet impenetrable to mainstream search engines—the Deep & Dark Web. Flashpoint delivers crucial data from these unsafe environments, shouldering the risk for your security team.

Unique Intelligence

Highly differentiated data from exclusive online communities of malicious actors - opaque networks that require substantial op-sec investment, foreign language and subject matter expertise, and proprietary software tools - delivered as rich, actionable intelligence. We use direct access and automation to help our clients discover digital patterns of life of sophisticated adversaries.

Human Investigation

Flashpoint’s multilingual subject matter experts have been mapping uncharted areas of the Internet for more than a decade, long before it was referred to as the “Deep & Dark Web.” They are intimately familiar with these areas of the Internet and are fluent not only in the relevant languages such as Russian, Mandarin, and Arabic, but also the content and culture of these communities, from malware development to the latest criminal exploits.

Targeted Automation

Innovative engineering working in concert with subject matter expertise guides state-of-the art automated tools to gather immediately relevant data and combat information overload and false positives. The result is a treasure trove of searchable, structured data - an archive of both historical and realtime content that has already separated the wheat from the chaff where every data point is of high value.

What is the Deep & Dark Web?

The Deep Web refers to the broad swath of the Internet that traditional search engines are unable to access, including password-protected web forums, chat services like Internet Relay Chat (IRC), file sharing and P2P technologies like BitTorrent. The Dark Web is a subcomponent of the Deep Web that is not only inaccessible to mainstream search engines but only visible to users who have installed specialized software, such as Tor or I2P, enabling access to these regions of the Internet. Many forums, websites, and marketplaces on the Dark Web offer highly anonymized environments to conduct malicious activities and purchase illicit goods and services.


Deep Web

  • Unindexed by traditional search engines

Dark Web

  • Technological barrier to entry, requiring software for access