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Oversight of Intelligence Operations Begins with Collections Management

September 27, 2018

Intelligence requirements (IRs) prioritize a threat intelligence program’s needs, but without collections management, your teams won’t be able to determine or assess the resources you need to satisfy those IRs. It’s a mistake to overlook or misunderstand collections management, and often, operations suffer for it. Collections management is crucial because it enables practitioners to identify […]

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Combating Online Extortion with Readiness and Response

July 18, 2018

Extortion over the internet is often a cybercriminal’s quickest path to profits. It can take little more than a commodity exploit to drop ransomware onto a vulnerable endpoint, or a weak password to commandeer a poorly configured online storage service or database. The end result for the victim is instant angst as proprietary or customer […]

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Business Risk Mitigation and Strategic Planning for a Cyber Event

September 7, 2017

Like most security and intelligence professionals, I’ve seen firsthand how cyber events can give rise to negative consequences for organizations across all sectors. I’ve also come to recognize that while we can certainly learn a great deal from past cyber events, they aren’t necessarily indicative of the threats, actors, or attacks our organizations will face […]

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