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Pro-ISIS Jihadists Dabble in Encryption, Prove Under-Sophisticated

Jihadi actors have been experimenting with encrypted communication technologies since as early as 2008. Through the development of proprietary encrypted communication tools and the growing adoption of various cyber technologies, these actors have demonstrated an increased interest in obfuscating their digital fingerprints. This interest is underscored through discussions on top jihadi web forums, where members […]

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American Woman Purportedly Living in ISIS Territory Posts a “Message to America” on Telegram

April 22, 2016

On April 14, a purported American woman living in Islamic State (ISIS) territory, released a “Message to America” via a channel on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, threatening, “We will continue to stomp you, as you come nearer and nearer. And we can’t wait to have you in our hands, as we behead you and give you a taste of the punishment that is awaiting for you after your death.”

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