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Asking the Right Questions About Collection Strategies

October 17, 2018

Join Flashpoint CEO Josh Lefkowitz and Forrester senior analyst Josh Zelonis on Nov. 6 for a webinar titled “Collections, Confidence and Context: How to Assess a Threat Intelligence Vendor.” Our experts will discuss the challenges that accompany an evaluation of a threat intelligence vendor, and what components make up an effective strategy. Register here for […]

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Three Steps Toward Justifying the Value of Intelligence Programs

October 11, 2018

Starting an intelligence program inside the enterprise can be an uphill climb, because in many cases, the security practitioners advocating most strongly for such programs lack control over necessary budget. And those with the reins on budget are often removed from the tactical or strategic benefits a well-executed intelligence program could bring to the business. […]

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Automation No Substitution for Context When Evaluating Threats

September 18, 2018

Automation streamlines—even replaces—tasks and controls at the core of many security practices. With these efficiency gains, reliance on automation can sometimes convince security analysts and network operators that there is no substantial need to proactively understand threats to the business, how adversaries operate, and why you’re a target to begin with. Failing to fully understand […]

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Patch Management Must be Guided by Risk

August 29, 2018

Since the major technology companies have a regular cadence for the release of patches, organizations can, in theory, better allocate resources, prepare to test software updates, and deploy fixes when ready. But when Microsoft patches dozens of bugs on the second Tuesday month after month, or Oracle fixes hundreds of bugs at a time on […]

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Demystifying Insider Threat

August 15, 2018

Security practitioners are increasingly aware of insider threat as a critical area of concern, but many teams accustomed to combatting external threats still struggle to defend from within. In addition to inadequate training and resources for combating insider threat, defense efforts are often hindered by the following misconceptions: Myth #1: Insider-threat activity is always intentional […]

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Three Must-Haves for Your Insider Threat Program

July 31, 2018

For every massive data breach… well, honestly there just isn’t a comparable number of incidents that can be traced back to a malicious insider. Regardless, that facet of a security program must not be ignored. Insiders have access, and some have privileged access, which puts a disgruntled or careless person inside the firewall and perilously […]

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Three Things You Need for Effective Intelligence Requirements

June 27, 2018

Intelligence operations will not get off the ground without well-curated intelligence requirements. Yet with an overwhelming number of internal and external data sources firing off alerts and notifications about potential incidents and threat actor activity, it’s challenging to put together IRs that prioritize a program’s needs. Intelligence requirements mandate some foundational activities be in place, […]

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Compliance is a Minimum Security Standard, Not an End Goal

May 31, 2018

New laws and industry standards such as GDPR force affected organizations into an upheaval in order to meet the rigor of the new mandate. This compliance often means budget overhauls and rewritten policies and processes. And while there are benefits to the increased attention to and investment in data protection, this emphasis can also lead […]

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