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Demystifying Insider Threat

August 15, 2018

Security practitioners are increasingly aware of insider threat as a critical area of concern, but many teams accustomed to combatting external threats still struggle to defend from within. In addition to inadequate training and resources for combating insider threat, defense efforts are often hindered by the following misconceptions: Myth #1: Insider-threat activity is always intentional […]

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Three Must-Haves for Your Insider Threat Program

July 31, 2018

For every massive data breach… well, honestly there just isn’t a comparable number of incidents that can be traced back to a malicious insider. Regardless, that facet of a security program must not be ignored. Insiders have access, and some have privileged access, which puts a disgruntled or careless person inside the firewall and perilously […]

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Three Things You Need for Effective Intelligence Requirements

June 27, 2018

Intelligence operations will not get off the ground without well-curated intelligence requirements. Yet with an overwhelming number of internal and external data sources firing off alerts and notifications about potential incidents and threat actor activity, it’s challenging to put together IRs that prioritize a program’s needs. Intelligence requirements mandate some foundational activities be in place, […]

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Compliance is a Minimum Security Standard, Not an End Goal

May 31, 2018

New laws and industry standards such as GDPR force affected organizations into an upheaval in order to meet the rigor of the new mandate. This compliance often means budget overhauls and rewritten policies and processes. And while there are benefits to the increased attention to and investment in data protection, this emphasis can also lead […]

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Reality Check: Real-Time Intelligence

May 24, 2018

The lofty goal of real-time intelligence in security is often misleading. In the context of Business Risk Intelligence (BRI), it’s an especially deceptive misnomer. Data culled from breaches or Deep & Dark Web (DDW) chatter about vulnerabilities that is crafted into threat intelligence is meant to give decision makers inside the enterprise an advantage over […]

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From Decision Advantage to Market Advantage: BRI Holds Strong in 2018

April 11, 2018

As a co-founder and CEO, I am both incredibly excited and humbled to review the company’s successes at the end of each quarter. I credit our continued success—our ninth consecutive quarter exceeding our bookings target—to our extremely talented team delivering products that empower our customers with a decision advantage in navigating complex problems relevant to their […]

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Team Member Profile: Mike Mimoso

December 21, 2017

Mike Mimoso, Editorial Director Top-tier talent is both necessary for, and indicative of, a company’s success. For one, the extent to which a company can grow sustainably depends on the expertise and commitment of its people. And second, being able to recruit and retain highly-skilled individuals signifies that a company’s culture, offerings, and trajectory are […]

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Business Risk Intelligence for Executive Protection

October 31, 2017

Many of the risks facing today’s organizations have given rise to a crucial consideration across all sectors: just because a threat originates on the Internet does not mean its scope of influence will remain restricted to the cyber domain. In response, more organizations are turning to Business Risk Intelligence (BRI) to address not just cyber […]

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