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Illuminate the Deep & Dark Web

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Sanitized Data from Hostile Frontiers

We are pioneers in monitoring threatening communities active in the areas of the internet impenetrable to mainstream search engines—the Deep & Dark Web. Flashpoint delivers crucial data from these unsafe environments, shouldering the risk for your security team.

Unique Intelligence

Highly differentiated data from exclusive online communities of malicious actors—opaque networks that require substantial op-sec investment, direct access, foreign language and subject matter expertise, and proprietary software tools—delivered as rich, actionable intelligence.

Human Investigation

Flashpoint's subject matter experts have an intimate understanding of the culture and content of these off-the-grid communities—from malware development to the latest criminal exploits—and are fluent in relevant languages such as Russian, Mandarin, and Arabic.

Targeted Automation

Engineers work in concert with subject matter experts to gather immediately relevant data and combat information overload and false positives. The result is a treasure trove of searchable, structured data: an archive of historical and real time content where every data point is of high value.